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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the healing and cleansing properties of the stones, crystals, and essential oils of the world into your everyday life. The crystals/stones are cleansed and ready to share their healing properties and absorb your individual energy. Our aim and our passion are to help you to learn about using a variety of rocks and stones, in diverse ways, for healing yourself and others. Help you to learn to use crystals for physical, mental and emotional healing as well as the most important attribute of spiritual healing.

Power and Healing qualities of Natural Quartz Crystal

The clear quartz crystal is one of the most sacred stones of ancient cultures. Its clarity and transparency give it a mirror quality through which things can be seen clearly. The natural quartz crystal symbolizes white light energy.

About us

Crystal Worldwide is whole saler & exporter of Semi-precious Agate Stone & New Age Healing Supplies. The Company CRYSTAL WORLDWIDE is located in PATIALA - INDIA. We have been exporting to countries like USA, Netherlands, Israel, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, France, Japan, Australia, &Canada etc.

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